About the Empresa1

Our Purpose

We believe in technologies that empower people and business.

This is what we have been doing for 20 years, integrating hardware, software and services as solution for payment automation, access control and fraud prevention.

Our areas of expertise include: advanced encryption and data security, hardware and software development, involving technologies such as smartcards, mobile and facial biometrics.

Our solutions are a result of experience, highly specialized professionals and constant investment in research and innovation. An effort to build and deliver value to our customers. Our technology is present in more than 160 Brazilian cities, in addition to countries in Latin America and Africa.


Expand our operations into new markets in order to be continuously recognized for delivering excellence in technological solutions.


Provide integrated technological solutions for efficiency and data security in electronic transactions, biometric identification operations, payment methods, attendance and access control.


Ethics, transparency and corporate responsibility Valuing People Respect customers, suppliers, employees and environment Technological innovation to people improvement and well-being

Organizational Policy

Effectively address customer needs by providing integrated technology solutions for data efficiency and security in electronic transactions, always investing in continuous improvement.

Excellence all the way

Always ahead of the competition, Empresa 1 constantly invests in technology research and innovation in order to meet their customer’s needs.

After deploying over 160 projects of technology in Brazilian public transportation market, Empresa 1 decided to act as a technological integrator in foreign countries. In addition to enhancing growth, internationalization projects also bring business experiences exchange, which is fundamental for the development of the company and its customers alike.

Our Achievement