Fighting fraud with intelligence

Extraction capacity

Ability to extract photo templates available in the database for use in the comparison process.

Follow-up of face evolution

Ability to monitor user’s facial evolution by storing new templates generated from each use.

Based on the use of algorithms

Use of continuous learning algorithms to make control more and more accurate and efficient.

Tailor-made for Public Transport

Equipment specially developed for public transport, considering the operating conditions of buses and stations.

How it works

SIGOM Vision as a Service

A complete solution that aggregates the anti-fraud system operation service to the facial recognition technology. In this model, Empresa 1 is responsible for managing the complexity and works of the additional operating process.

Datacenter for hosting Sigom Vision services

Training for installation of onboard equipment

All photos stored for up to 90 days

Processing of photos captured on vehicles

Monitoring of file collection status

Visual inspection of photos appointed as fraud for decision-making

Statistics and reports with system results


cities using Sigom Vision


devices in operation


million images processed per month

Where we've taken our technology

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Interoperability with another vendor’s ticketing system and control of “Bilhete Único” (single integrated ticket).



Award-winning project, with a reduction of 25% in the misuse of reduced fare and free pass cards.

BH Metropolitan Region

BH Metropolitan Region

Control of reduced fare and free pass cards used on buses and BRT stations in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.



Control of reduced fare and free pass cards, including “Bilhete Único” (single integrated ticket). More than 3,000 cards blocked per month.

Technology Awards

UITP Award Facial Recognition Project in Ilhéus (Bahia)

Category: Technological Innovation – 2013