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Connect with us

Develop secure and efficient technologies to empower people and companies. Do you share this belief? Because this is Empresa 1’s expertise.
Just as it is part of our competence to connect people with their capacity to be, think, act and transform, strengthening and developing talents.
Come join this team. Come share Empresa 1’s purpose.

Come and connect with us!

More than just compensation

Attracting new talents and keeping our current staff is not just about the compensation and benefits offered. Other aspects are equally important: team members’ trust in their peers, good relationships with management, recognition and opportunities, and the distinctive experience of working for a company that values people.

Talent management, development and performance

We believe it is essential to align skills and profiles to achieve results, that is, clear and challenging responsibilities. The practice of feedback guided by the Competence-based Management Program is an important tool that helps the development and continuous improvement of our team’s performance.

Staff health and safety policy

Investing in workplace health, wellness and safety is another of our commitments.


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