Online ticketing

With online ticketing, credit purchase and ticket use transactions are now kept in a BackOffice in the cloud, and no longer “card centric”.

This makes the process much more dynamic, flexible and prepares the ticketing system for new features, such as ABT (Account Based Ticketing).

Sigom Cloud is n open data platform, prepared to integrate with other solutions and make your business more flexible.

Innovation and connectivity

Understand how cloud ticketing makes the operation more dynamic and efficient.


> User account identified by electronic ID.
> Cloud credit management linked to a BackOffice account.


> User’s media becomes just an account identifier.
> System compatible with all media (smartcard, mobile app, wearables, etc.).


> Online tool that allows quick action in case of alerts.
> Encrypted and encrypted balance and history data.

Customer Experience

> Possibility to purchase online credit for immediate use.
> Transaction history updated automatically after use.

Improves user experience

SI.GO is the perfect match for an online ticketing solution. It allows the user to have more autonomy in choosing the better way to pay for public transport. Available as an application or as a service for integration with other apps.

Connectivity and autonomy

With validators working online, your operation becomes more flexible and safer. Take all the benefits of an online transaction for your business.

> Remote vehicle performance management and operation;

> Maintenance cost reduction;

> Reduced maintenance time;

> Increased vehicle productivity