Effective electronic ticketing


The operation of an electronic ticketing system for public transportation involves several activities related to the generation and management of electronic credits. Our challenge is to keep simplifying this complexity, increasing our clients’ control and efficiency.

Sigom is Empresa 1’s electronic ticketing system. A complete solution, consisting of a set of specialized equipment and software that go well beyond fare collection.

Complete and flexible

Complete and flexible

Find out how Sigom solutions are distributed throughout the processes involved in the provision of services by a public transport operator.

Access control and customer relationship

hardware and software designed to control riders’ access to public transport. A set of solutions for customer service, fare payment, and controlling the use of reduced fares and free passes.

Generation, distribution and sale of electronic credits

software and hardware designed to provide security, reliability and traceability in all credit-related transactions, including management of sales channels.

Fare collection control

software modules and applications required for setting operating rules, collection management, settlement of accounts, and record keeping for all transactions.

Integration Services

In addition to all the structure related to the operation and management of electronic ticketing, we offer several services that allow Sigom’s integration with other public transport applications.

Management and monitoring

SI.BOARD puts the ticketing system operation control on the manager’s hands. An effective application for monitoring strategic indicators in real-time.


Financial closing

Sigom Balance allows the financial follow-up of all electronic credit transactions recorded in Sigom. Aimed at managers and operators, Sigom Balance reports consolidated information and shows unearned revenue and outstanding and expired credits.

Tracking the whole electronic credit life cycle: generation, distribution, sale and use.

Information on electronic credits generated, broken down by batch, operation period or category.