Easy access

How to facilitate user access to electronic credit:

Diversifying means of payment

Promoting capillarity of the sales network

Multichannel sales of electronic credits:

Easy access

Transaction Authorizer

Security and efficiency in electronic credit sales throughout the sales network

It allows public transport service providers to centralize, streamline and provide security, reliability and traceability to the processes of generation and sales of electronic credits, aiming at eliminating or reducing the use of cash to pay for fares, besides cutting operating costs.

Multiple: May be used in your own sales network and/or integrated with third-party sales networks.
Secure: Transactions are encrypted and signed, and fully auditable.
Centralized: Concentrates sales channel management, with real-time reporting.

Web Services

Platform for sales of electronic credits and service requests on the Internet.
An integrated solution for different types of users:




More convenience for the rider

We develop our products to offer high performance performance for your company



Credit Recharge Request
First Card order
Replacement card request
Lost or stolen card report


Information on riders and cards


Credit recharge
First card order
Replacement card
Report lost or stolen card

SIGOM Mobile Sale

The smartphone as a point-of-sale
Fast and efficient way for capillarizing sales network

NFC (Near-Field Communication) Technology

Electronic credit sales through mobile devices.

Cost reduction

Replace POS devices with smartphones.
Replace sales offices with retail outlets.


Cloud-based generation and authorization for electronic credit sales.
Mobile devices authenticated | Encrypted and signed transactions.

A Full Solution

Transaction history | Credit management by sales outlet | Credit purchases for resale | View riders’ card balance