A complete solution for fast and simples identification

Oneself was developed to control utilization of healthcare services through facial biometrics technology.
A secure and affordable solution for verifying the identity of health plan users in hospitals, clinics and laboratories, or home care.

Main Applications


User recognition by facial biometrics to verify eligibility, even when a health plan operator provides care for another operator’s user.

Inspection module

This module stores the photos and report of the identity verification process. A physical proof that enables the guarantee of non-repudiation and inhibits fraud.

Mobile and QR Code

These are an alternative for implementing facial recognition in a mobile app. They can be associated with virtual ID cards or health service app, without needing a webcam.

Efficient and Secure

Ready to use and Integrate

Oneself is prepared to integrate with the existing patient identification systems used by health plan operators. Software as a Service offered in two licensing models.

How it Works

An efficient solution needs to be simple to deploy and easy to use.

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Running on an appliance at the health plan Operator’s datacenter

Cloud-based with information security